For your company

Fusion Energy provides an active, energy saving solution for your business. Our positioning is unique and distinguishes us from our competitors in several ways:

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Generic equipement (non-proprietary)
  • Control software developed in-house
  • 24/7 alerting and monitoring service.
  • Daily validation of energy consumption
  • Alerts in case of irregularities or equipment breakdown
  • Support in accessing funding and/or obtaining subsidies
  • Monthly services include an unlimited number of interventions.

Komatsu-DSCF0078Our energy management program offers companies the following benefits:

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Protects or enhances property value
  • Improves ambient air quality
  • Reduces costs of repair and replacement
  • Improves energy performance of the building
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission

In addition, a project of continuous equipment optimization can be considered:

  • a capital expense


  • a transaction fee

Fusion Energy’s 3- step systemic approach:

  • Diagnosis: study of the building’s current state
  • Implementation: analysis and development of a specific solution
  • Management: continuous optimization

Fusion Energy adapts to your environment and develops a tailored active energy savings program.

Since 1996, we have:

  • completed over 200 energy management projects;
  • generated average savings of 30%;
  • obtained returns on investment (ROI) of four years or less.