For your condominium

Fusion Energy provides an active, energy saving solution for your condominium. Our positioning is unique and distinguishes us from our competitors in several ways:

  • Guaranteed savings,
  • Generic equipement (non-proprietary),
  • Control software developed in-house,
  • 24/7 alerting and monitoring service,
  • Daily of energy consumption,
  • Alerts in case of irregularities or equipment breakdown,
  • Support in accessing funding and/or obtaining subsidies,
  • Monthly services include an unlimited number of interventions.

Club-Marin-II-DSC_4650 Energy costs often account for more than 30% of the common costs of managing a condominium. That’s a lot! Fusion Energy can help you control these costs and save money, while maintaining comfort for the residents. Our 3- step systemic approach:

  • Diagnosis: study of the building’s current state,
  • Implementation: analysis and development of a specific solution,
  • Management: continuous optimization.

Fusion Energy adapts to your environment and creates a tailored active energy savings program. Since 1996, we have:

  • Completed over 200 energy management projects,
  • Generated average savings of 30%,
  • Obtained returns on investment (ROI) of four years or less.

Tip from the professionals: place these savings in your contingency fund Results: you save energy, reduce your environmental impact and fill your contingency fund. Condominium buildings of 40 units or more offer the best opportunities for energy savings. Our customers do not hesitate to recommend us, here are some examples: