Established in 1994, Fusion Energy was one of the first companies in Quebec to offer money and energy savings solutions.

Fusion Energy’s experienced, multidisciplinary team offers its customers (commercial and industrial clients, managers and owners of office buildings and condominiums) an array of solutions, as well as means to control and manage energy consumption.

As a consulting company, we perform audits and diagnose the state of energy consumption. If energy consumption is high, we immediately present a contingency plan. This plan results in the implementation of a proactive energy management policy.

Fusion Energy works with its sister company, St-Martin Électrique. Employees of St-Martin Électrique set up the infrastructure (cables, sensors, drives, etc) for customers. The Fusion Energy team then connects, programs and launches the system.

Fusion Energy offers building, plant and company managers with energy management solutions that are green and innovative, that reduce energy costs, and that provide managers and occupants with comfort, efficiency and peace of mind.

The benefits of our solutions

  • Optimize your occupants’ comfort
  • Simplify property management
  • Significantly reduce your energy costs
  • Decrease your environemental footprint
  • Optimize your existing equipment


Our competitive advantages

Our positioning is unique and distinguishes us from our competitors in several ways:

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Generic equipement (non-proprietary)
  • Control software developed in-house
  • 24/7 alerting and monitoring service.
  • Daily validation of energy consumption
  • Alerts in case of irregularities or equipment breakdown
  • Support in accessing funding, obtaining subsidies
  • Monthly services include an unlimited number of interventions.