Research and Development

Fusion Energy is proud to have a company culture that promotes innovation. In the past 10 years, it has invested more than $ 2 million in research and development (R&D).

Thanks to these investments, Fusion Energy is equipped with high-performing, efficient and effective management and control tools:

  • dashboards to track savings;
  • screens to view facilities;
  • real-time remote monitoring of systems behavior for each client,
  • management of alarms and related actions

The R&D department team, in collaboration with management, regularly reviews its strategic plan for technology to confirm future development. This allows Fusion Energy to stand out from the competition and maintain a leadership in the field of energy efficiency.

In 2013, technical feasibility studies were undertaken in collaboration with researchers from the Polytechnic of Montreal. Promising results have encouraged Fusion Energy to invest heavily in setting up research projects.

These projects focus on managing consumption peaks, and on a more efficient strategy for managing energy demand and use (depending on availability), all the while maintaining user comfort.

A test bench  has been developed and made ​​accessible to researchers, which allows them to confirm their simulations and innovations under real conditions. The test is a generic replica of installations put in place for our customers.

The aims of our research and innovations are the reduction of energy consumption while maintaining the comfort of the premises.