Roc fleuri


Le Roc Fleuri is a 24-floor architectural marvel, located at the corner of Drummond Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard, in the heart of the Golden Square Mile.
Our energy management has generated annual savings of $ 195,672, a decrease of 56% in energy costs with a return on investment of 4 months.


  • Control and install variable speed drives on the ventilation unit
  • Control the water tower and mechanical cooling
  • Control the garage lights with motion detectors
  • Control and install variable speed drives on spillways
  • Install a metering station on the electrical input
  • Control heating circuits and coils
  • Install an outdoor temperature sensor
  • Install temperature sensors for premises and ventilation ducts
  • Control air quality (CO) in the garage
  • Change the lighting in the halls
  • Monitor mechanical equipment and temperatures 24/7


 Year: 2010

Annual savings: $195,672 (56%)

Energy savings: 1,106,391 KWH (42%) and 66,286 M3 (30%) of natural gas

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: 127 Tonnes GHG

Return on Investment: 4 months